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Saturday Farmers Market

Mar 21, 2020

Real Mojo Foods Brings Some Heat to the market with a line of hot Sauces, Pickles and Jerky 

Real Mojo Foods creates  handcrafted products from simple and fresh ingredients. Their pickles and jerky are hand-cut and produced in small batches to retain high quality and attention to detail.

The brine and jerky marinades consist of all-natural ingredients and do not contain any preservatives. The result is high- quality, flavorful, delicious pickles and jerky that tastes great on just about anything!


The “It’s Hot, hot sauce” is a jalapeno based hot sauce. It tastes great added into a guacamole, on eggs or anything your heart desires!

The “It’s Effin Hot, hot sauce” is made with a combination of peppers and pepper extract, and for the extreme hot heads out there! A little goes a long way in ramen, chili, pizza or if you need a good cry

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City Center Bishop Ranch
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San Ramon Farmers Market Will Remain Open

Dear Market Goers:

On March 16, health officials ordered a shelter-in-place for residents in Contra Costa County, Alameda, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara. Certified farmer’s market is exempt from this order. Farmers markets like grocery stores is listed as “essential businesses” that function to serve their local communities. Unless otherwise instructed by health officials, The San Ramon Farmer’s Market will continue to operate on Saturdays at City Center Bishop Ranch. We encourage everyone to stay healthy during this time and stock up on fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, pasture raised meats, milk, eggs and fresh baked breads.

In addition to the safety guidelines provided by Contra Costa Health Services to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the following additional precautions will be taken to provide for a safe shopping experience.

Physical distance and Observe 100-ban gathering rule:
Vendor booths will be scattered. Physical distance of 6-feet will be observed. Market will not exceed 100 persons at any given time. Each entrance and exit will be closely monitored.

No Product Samplings:
There will be no product samplings allowed.

No Seating or Music:
To prevent large crowds, there will be no seating or music provided.

Hand-washing station:
Each vendor will be equipped with hand-washing station and sanitizers.