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Meet Adolfo Fastlicht

Founding Principal & CEO of THE LOT

At THE LOT at City Center, Adolfo Fastlicht offers guests the perfect blend of indulgence and entertainment.


What makes THE LOT experience so fun?

People love to be entertained -- and it turns out, they love to be indulged with good service and food while they’re being entertained. And THE LOT delivers. I like to say THE LOT provides a very curated experience. From top-quality dining, to leather chairs you could spend the rest of your life in, to outstanding service, excellent theater acoustics and huge screens, THE LOT offers an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience.

It sounds like THE LOT is much more than just a night at the movies …

Much more. As an anchor tenant, we designed the City Center location to truly be a lifestyle destination, to complement the overall character and ambience of the center itself. There are 10 auditorium-style cinemas, and if you aren’t in the mood for a movie, you can enjoy a great meal at our upscale restaurant or our café and cocktail bar.

Our menu features fresh seafood, meat and produce, local craft beers and wines, all in a classy, elegant facility. THE LOT at City Center also hosts live music and special events including football parties, comedy nights, Mother’s Day brunch and others.

What’s the story behind THE LOT name?

The name is a tribute to the backlot of movie studios, where so many different activities take place, and where lots of people are bustling everywhere. Similarly, there are always a lot of different things happening at THE LOT, some of which our guests see and experience, and some of which is hidden from view. Meetings. Planning. Production. Preparation. And, of course, great food, service and entertainment. We think it’s a perfect name for the unique experience we provide.

Tell us how THE LOT concept came to be.

Several of my Harvard Business School classmates and I launched Cinemex nearly 30 years ago in Mexico, and sold it in 2002. I then formed Backlot Hospitality and, with my business partner Carlos Wellman, opened the first THE LOT in La Jolla in 2015. We now have four locations -- La Jolla, Liberty Station in San Diego, Fashion Island in Newport Beach, and City Center.

Why did you choose City Center Bishop Ranch for your newest location?

Spend an hour in San Ramon and the question answers itself. The people here are wonderful, and I fell in love with Sunset’s designs for the center and their commitment to doing something really special for the community. We were so warmly greeted on opening night in November that I knew right away we had made the right decision.

Tell us a little more about Adolfo Fastlicht.

Well, I am an entrepreneur at heart. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration. Besides my role with THE LOT, I’m also CEO of ICON Group, a real estate development company based in Mexico City. And I’m a co-founder of FibraHotel, Mexico’s largest publicly traded hotel REIT. But what I’m most proud of is my family -- my beautiful wife, Sharon, and our four amazing children.