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Saturday San Ramon Farmers Market

Feb 1, 2020

Join us at our California Certified Farmers Market, managed by Local Roots, a local non-profit. Enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, honey flowers and more, direct from small farmers and independent, local businesses.

Alexandre Family Farm Organic Pasture-Raised Eggs

Alexandre Family Farm produces the most nutritious organic pasture-raised eggs; each a nutrient-dense, whole food package of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins. The hens enjoy life roaming in green pastures, 365 days a year! The hens are housed in “egg-mobiles” that are moved to new acres of pasture twice a week. The chickens eat certified organic feeds; irrigated dairy pastures consisting of 50-100 variety of plant species ranging from grasses, forbs, herbs, and clovers. No chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics are added. Eggs are collected by hand and processed daily.


City Center Bishop Ranch
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Saturday’s vendors include Sun Rise Farms, Medina Farms, Kimberley’s Kitchen, Mellows Nursery, Carla’s Egg Ranch, Hummus Heaven and more. Visit the San Ramon Farmers Market for more information.